Northside Hospital-Cherokee

Northside Hospital-Cherokee is a new-build, level II, replacement hospital in a growing commuter suburb of Metro Atlanta. This is a 100 bed hospital, with 8 delivery suites, 18 bed mother-baby suites, and two labor and delivery dedicated operating room suites. It includes a Level II NICU, high risk support, 24hr anesthesia, and 24hr in house neonatal resuscitation support. In the next year, we anticipate delivering 1500-1800 babies in this beautiful new hospital.

Northside Forsyth

The Northside Forsyth maternity wing was opened in August 2008. In 2016, there were 3000 of deliveries.  Continued growth is expected over the next 5 years. It includes a Level 3 NICU, MFM support, 24hr anaesthesia, 24 hour in house neonatal resuscitation support and in house surgical assistants.  Northside Forsyth is a 280 bed hospital, there are 6 delivery suites and 6 observation beds, 48 mother-baby suites and 3 L&D operating room suite